SOX fastTrack Overview
YCA created SOX fastTrack to assist businesses in completing Sarbanes Oxley compliance on-time, on-budget and to required specification. Additionally, fastTrack provides organizations with an objective, third party view of key SOX implementation issues – especially related to external auditors, software & systems vendors and other vendors. YCA’s consultants perform the role of SOX Program Integrator and thereby assuring the proper level of cooperation and coordination between your business and all external vendors associated with your Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

FastTrack is a flexible and scalable solution that is customized to fit the needs of your specific business. This program provides management with a tool kit to track the progress of SOX activities across the company to ensure key deadlines will be met.  With fastTrack, every team working on Sarbanes Oxley will understand exactly what work they have to accomplish to achieve SOX compliance.

Key Benefits of fastTrack
YCA fastTrack provides a complete framework for addressing the major concerns of Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Some of the key benefits are outlined below:

FastTrack gives businesses an early-warning system.

FastTrack helps with business structure and resource alignment.

FastTrack assess the compliance impact on other projects & business processes.

FastTrack provides a tool for resource planning and controlling audit costs.

FastTrack is quickly implemented into your current SOX plan.

FastTrack helps your company achieve your compliance goal.

fastTrack Methodology
FastTrack is broken into three primary processes . Each of these processes is highly important and key to providing a comprehensive solution for complying with Sarbanes Oxley.

Define It. - gets your team together and gets you organized.

Plan It. - constructs a solid plan.

Control It. - updates your plan, solves problems, achieves goals.

YCA fastTrack